The soul winners

02 Sep

By Samson Ajilore II

During a thunderstorm a little girl threw herself into her mother’s arms crying, ”I’m afraid!”


The mother tried to quiet the child by reminding her of God’s loving and protecting care… But the little one clung the closer “I know God loves me, mummy,” she said, “but when it’s thundering and lightening, I want someone with skin to love me!”

I believe this is without doubt the reason why God put on human skin and became human being .He intended that we respond not by work, since humanity has become too weak to live up to God’s standard as a result of the infection of the sin virus that got into her system from the fall, back in Eden.

Until Christ the “Antivirus” came, we could not come up with any tangible work from our efforts.

Now, we are to respond only by faith in His finished work-believing in what He has done for our sake. He did it all!

Divinity put on humanity to show the love He is and to reproduce Himself into us in love and righteousness.

He wanted to touch us with His love in a human way. That was the only language humanity could understand.

“And the Word became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacle-fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile-among us: and we (actually saw His glory-His honor, His majesty: such glory as an only begotten son receives from his father, full of grace (favor, loving kindness) and truth. John 1; 14.Amplified Bible


How amazing!

The incredible love story we now share of the divine romance-God speaking in our own language!


The greatest love story of all time still remains. God, the president of creation and the author of the universe, putting on the human flesh and becoming like man, the purpose of all His creation, all for His love

God reached out and touched humanity with the loving solution our souls so desire-eternal salvation through faith in His finished work.

God is love! He came to let us know of this great love. No matter how much He has done, it would not affect us until we respond and we cannot respond to the truth we do not know.

“For with the heart man believes unto righteousness but with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” Romans 10; 10.

God Himself put on human flesh and came to the earth. He was born of a virgin in the little town of Bethlehem in Judea. He spread the news of His love to everyone that would listen.

However, God in the human flesh had the same limitation like everyman, He could not be everywhere at the same time in the flesh, but He wanted this message to be taken all over the World. He had a plan. It wasn’t to recruit some angels and make them preach to humans but to equip some men.Reaching the world through them, by the help of His Holy Spirit


God found Ordinary men…

He found ordinary men who yielded willingly to Him,even ordinary fishermen. They were not perfect but had limitations, like men we meet in our day to day live. He was not after their human perfections, but willingness. He Himself is the perfection of anyone who believes in Him.


He told them they would become His body, when He’s no longer on earth. They would continue His ministry. He would reach the world through them, speaking through their lips and talking through their vocal cords. He would heal through their hands and think through their yielded minds- renewed with His word. “For we are members of his flesh and of his bones” Ephesians 5; 30

They would be channels through which the love He is and will always be would be extended to all humanity. He told them they would receive the same power He has to do the same thing He did after the Holy Spirit- the same one who empowered Him and remained with Him through out is earthly days has come upon them.

He gave them the best personality and power to do exactly like Himself.“And you shall receive power-ability, efficiency and might-when the Holy Spirit has come upon you: and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the very bound-of the earth” Acts 1; 8 Amplified Bible

Most of us are excited by the first statement “You shall receive power after…” but then we miss the best part of it-the purpose of that power “And you shall be my witnesses…” He gave us the power not to sit down and celebrate but to go about and preach with it. When Jesus got the anointing, He did not sit down celebrating the unction but He went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil Acts 10:38. The same anointing He had we have, for we have received of His fullness.

The anointing is not meant for sitting, it’s meant for going! We’re the custodians of the anointing and we’re accountable unto God. What have you done with the oil so far?


They went about preaching the gospel, just like Him.

He was too much in them to be unnoticed; men saw Him in them and called them“Christians” meaning they were just like Christ.


By the end of the second Century, those men had reached the whole of the then known World. They had no print media and technological system to support them,there was no Internet.

They were drawn and driven by the same authority that controlled Christ-the Holy Spirit. They obeyed His inward witness and every impression to reach the lost.

They exercised the Lord’s compassion from their recreated spirits.

Their method was the Master’s method ”Each One reaches one”. They did it and they made it.

The truth they understood is that every New Testament believer is a soul winner .This they fulfilled even in their businesses. They knew they were first soul winners before Tent makers, Medical doctors, Fishermen, Goldsmiths, and many more.

They understood God’s priority and He was pleased with them because they never attempted to change it but instead they performed it. They carried out God’s will and He met their every needs.


Their hearts was with God.

Heart is everything with God, and in great love He calls out to us today;


“My son give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways” Proverbs 23:26.

It’s only after our hearts are channeled towards Him that we can observe His ways. I believe John the beloved rests his head on the Lord’s bosom so as to know His heart beat. If your head is on his bosom now, I know you will hear His heart beat Souls!Souls! Souls!

Those early saints reached their World and rescued men from hell in great numbers because their hearts were channeled towards Him and they followed His heart beat. He who is joined to the Lord has the same heartbeat with Him because he is one with Him. Our work is obedience, it’s to follow our hearts and do the Master’s will.

God’s will is soul winning!

He gave up His life for His will. What will you give up? Your time or what? There’s nothing we have to give compared to what He gave!


The devil was mad at them

The devil was mad at the number of men that were rescued from hell between the first and the second Century. He has tried endlessly to prevent the church from fulfilling her purpose by several strategies. He has re-defined a soul winner deceitfully to be only those that are called into the ministry offices of the Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher. He has overtaken several believers’ mind with this thought so much that they ignore words that appears to compel them to preach.” They dislike those stuffs” Satan and his device of ignorance has kept the church back, within the bricks over the Centuries, while souls endlessly troop down to hell in the doom of unrepentant, Because they never hear.


The divine circle of soul winning

“How then shall they call on Him whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10; 14


The preacher makes ‘them’ hear

Hearing makes ‘them’ believe

Faith makes ‘them’ confess

Confession makes ‘them’ saved

Salvation makes ‘them’ called

Calling makes ‘them’ preach

That is the divine circle of soul winning; every believer is in the final stage-called to preach.

God is so sad that the believers have sat back in the church walls over the Centuries, while the souls his blood purchased waste in hell in their millions. Because they were not told

It’s said that currently, half of the World’s population have not heard the name Jesus once in a lifetime, not to talk of whether they will accept Him or not. That amounts to about 3 billion souls.


A pathetic case-A story that changed my life

I once heard an evangelist told a story of an experience he had. I never remained the same after the story. Driving me from tears to repentance, it revived deep within me a passionate Zeal for souls. It’s a true story that is almost unbelievable.


The evangelist went on a mission outreach with another minister far into North America. After several miles of traveling, they arrived into a little hamlet. Tired from the journey and needing rest they noticed a Coca –cola cool spot.

They were surprised, upon arrival at the spot both of them were served with coke.

The evangelist then asked the attendant ‘do you know Jesus?’

The man’s response was heartbreaking and breathtaking

‘Is that a new soft drink in America?’

He thought ‘Jesus’ was the name of a soft drink just as coke is one.

The evangelist broke into tears, so surprised that coke was more popular than Christ in such a place with all the Christians in America

Those men knew Coke but nothing of the name “Jesus” just because they were never told.

So sad is the truth that most Christians believe they are not called to take the responsibility of soul winning. Most of us do not think it’s as important as providing for our families. We‘ve sat back behind thick walls of our great ecclesiastical buildings, we’ve admire its beauty over the years and watch millions as they perish for the lack of the saving knowledge of the Lord. We have books in their numbers on being effective fathers, mothers, and preachers. We have great number of Bibles but yet very little attention is given to soul winning today. We’ve attended to the study of the bible build great libraries of Christian literatures, but the heart cry of the lord is still unattended. Who will tap your shoulders when you get home in heaven and say “thank you for telling me?”

Who will cry down in hell and say “I wish I had someone to tell me?” will it be someone you’ve met before?

The world will not be saved while we sit back in our great church and homes, real sinners will not come to church, we must reach them out where they are!



A new definition for ministry

We have re-define ministry to mean something which is directly the opposite of the Lord’s mind. We’ve gradually replaced our own ideas with the lord’s design.

We have become so beclouded by the deception of this vain World that we have almost totally forgotten we don’t even belong here.

How terrible is the truth that the church has almost become a part of the system we were born to change-this antichrist system called the World. Many hearts of God’s children now craves survival through the World system and have forgotten the kingdom’s divine providence. We have become so fixed to the material gains that we careless about the dying world and eternal rewards. “And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever” Daniel 12:3

A wise Christian is a soul winning Christian “The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life; and he that wins souls is wise” Proverbs 11:30. The world needs salvation and the answer is in the church. We need true witnesses not just in the pulpit but in the streets out where the sinners walk. They must be rescued. “A true witness delivers souls” Proverbs 14; 25

The enemy has gradually quenched the compassion for the lost away from our hearts replacing it with preoccupation with our personal businesses. In some hearts he has not recorded much success yet, except that they are left with only desires to reach the lost to which they do nothing. If the desire is not responded to by active evangelism, then it will gradually die away until they are completely taken over by distractions in different manners.


The final challenge



How come the case has become so pathetic within 19 Centuries? Those early believers followed the truth we neglect today. Without the ample advantages of technology, they reached their world. With all we have today and all the knowledge in which we now abound in these last days, just as the prophet Daniel had foreseen it by the Holy Ghost. The very priority of God’s heart is still ignored. Even several of us who claim to be doing something in this area appear before the master to be too slack. We should not hold with levity, the message He shed His blood to share.

I could imagine the look on the Lord’s face and the condition of His heart about the singular fact that the church of the 21st Century has derailed so much from the message of the first Century church-the kingdom of God. We have developed several concepts over the years, most of which have drawn us farther from the truth. The message of this truth is scarce in the pulpit today, since several preachers have chosen to tell the people what they want to hear rather than the truth of God’s word

Beloved friend, God is waiting and watching to see your response to the message you have just read!



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