01 Jan

Welcome to 2012 the year of the ascended life!

Welcome to the year of the glorious bride!

Welcome to the year of intimacy that brings the glory!

Welcome to the year of reality beyond religion!

The word of the Lord came unto me in hibernation in His holy Presence,

It came bubbling forth as rivers in my spirit and as an unquenchable fire within my bones.

His presence was so consuming that I could hardly bear yet I did not want to leave the midst of Him,

I was so captured away in His holy glory and there were angels all around us.

His love was a purifying fire to the consuming of my flesh and my heart was as though ripped open completely to His holy fire,

His radiant light illuminated my spirit’s eyes to clearly see that He is the One that dwells in unapproachable light.

Yet He bided me to come because He paved the way on Calvary and

He opened the veil by the piercing of His own body,

What a love He displayed through His sacrifice!

I approached the Lord and His flaming eyes beheld the darkness of my soul consumed by His holy fire,

I was overwhelmed completely by His presence and I was like a dead man before the Living One.

But His hand lifted me again unto my feet and He bided me to neither fear nor tremble,

And He said unto me with voice as the rushing of many waters…

“Welcome to the throne room…

This is where I want My precious bride to always be…”

I have always known Him as love but this time He came as a fiery love and consumed in My soul that which is carnal,

For I cried unto Him in My desperation to show me more of His reality and take me beyond the gloom of religion.

Little did I know of the weight of what I was asking as you cannot come to Him with darkness in the soul and leave with it,

His light is so purifying and it is so hard on the flesh as I wasn’t even sure if I was still living…

I was in the throne room of Jehovah the Love Himself!

Yet He that sits upon the throne said nothing,

For His word is in His Son the Lord of all.

This is what the Lord would say unto you:

You are the church of the First born that are written in heaven,

His blood is the ink that inscribed your name in the book of life.

You are a bride adorned for the royal Groom,

But how little have you walked in this reality.

You are a people bought with an incorruptible price,

But how little have you walked in this truth.

You are a nation redeemed with the Lambs own blood,

Yet you sometimes fear as though your salvation were a weak thing.

I see you in all that you do says the Lord,

I see your struggles to stay true in the world of lies.

I see how you have kept the faith.

I see your tears of love as they drop on Me.

I see your wounds and all your pains,

And your sweet worship ascends to Me.

I know that you have little strength,

And you have kept my Word.

And I am touched by the feelings of your weaknesses,

I bear them with you in love and deep affection.

And I intercede for you in My compassion at all times,

Yes, I daily make prayers for you before the Father.

You did not deny Me when the going was tough,

I will not deny you before My Father and His angels.

You did not compromise in your beliefs,

You did not bow to the evil prince of this world.

Shakings came and diverse disasters,

The world shook with the wrecks of darkness.

But you My bride stood in My faith and love,

And uphold My name in the planes and heights.

Now I say unto you that 2011 is gone forever,

Even with all the trials in it.

And it shall never be seen again,

The year that is now here shall not be like the one that is gone.

2012 is the year of the ascended life,

It is the year of the newness of life and new things for you.

And the government of the church shall be strengthened,

It shall be a year of reward and the light of Christ shall shine.

For some people, lack and hunger shall come,

But for you that thirst and hunger after righteousness My blessings shall measurelessly abound.

And when people shall say there is a casting down,

You shall boldly declare there is a lifting up.

Behold I come in My church to pioneer new works,

And the apostolic grace shall be clearly seen.

Many shall step out in this grace and power,

And the kingdom shall be expanded in the spirit of apostleship.

The glory of the Lord shall radiate upon His bride,

For the wedding feast of the Lamb is almost here.

Prepare yourself Oh chosen bride,

Adorned are you in the robe of righteousness.

Now, keep yourself in the Love of the Father,

And harbor not hurts or resented feelings.

But walk in My love and forgiveness,

And walk closely with Me in my Word.

For the time is closer than you think,

The rod of the wicked shall not fall upon the just.

And I will preserve My bride from the afflictions in this world,

I am coming behind you to heal all your wounds.

I am coming in you to work with you,

I am going ahead of you to make all crooked paths straight.

Where you’re weak, I bid you to lean on Me for I am strong for you.

Come with Me this year and let us build and be together,

I want your time more than your gifts.

And I want to be involved in your daily decisions,

I just want to be together with you more than anything else.

I want you to come out of the turbulence in this world,

To come out of all the distractions around you,

And come alone with Me inwardly and embrace My affection,

I want you to engage in the practice of My Presence this year.

And to always be conscious of My abiding Presence with you,

For above all that you have to give or offer I desire you.

Just you and me alone in the secret place so come and let us play together,

Let Me take you to see some hidden places.

The places that are hidden from the world are not hidden from you but for you,

Let Me show you the splendor and glory of My Father’s house.

I want to make this place imprinted upon your heart,

I want to teach you how to really see.

I want to train your inward eyes and your sensitivity,

And give you a glimpse of the heavenly Jerusalem.

I have opened the way to the holy of the holies,

Because it is where I want you to dwell.

But it causes pain in My heart that many of you still push it to the future,

Whereas you dwell within the throne right now in your spirit.

It is the place where in truth you’re positioned,

But you have largely allowed your mind to obscure your heart and it is only with your heart that you can discern the truth.

Only the radiance of My Presence can light you up to clearly see.

I am calling you forth into a deeper level of intimacy,

You have seen Me time and again in My written Word.

But I want you to behold Me as the Living Word,

But are you really ready for that which it will cost you?

Are you ready to sacrifice your flesh?

Are you ready to be consumed by My fiery Love?

Or will you back off for the desires of the lower life?

But I know you; I know that you desire Me,

And I see all the promises you’ve made to Me.

Even all the ones that you have made and broken,

But I love you and I understand you more than you do yourself.

I vowed My everlasting love to you,

And I seal you forever with My Holy Spirit.

So that you’re bound to Me forever,

I washed you from all your sins and sacrificed My life in love for you.

I saw the union with you as I hung upon the cross,

And it kept Me there because I desire you.

The thought that you will be Mine and that I will restore you to My Father kept Me going,

The thought that I will restore you to My Father caused Him to sacrifice Me for you in the agony of love.

And the agony is gone and the glory is here for the Father loves you even as much as He loves Me,

I and My Father love you with an everlasting love.

In the trials of life rejoice because you have a home,

Rejoice because you await My coming to take you home.

Rejoice because I and the father live in your heart and because the Spirit of the Father is your eternal Partner,

Cheer up My beloved bride and rejoice always in My love.

Be not afraid of anything for nothing in this world shall conquer you,

This is 2012 and My greatest desire is to have you.

So in all that you do for Me and in all that you give to Me,

Always remember that I desire you above anything else.

 So give Me yourself oh My dearly beloved bride,

And the more you stay with Me the more of My glory you will bear.

And your path shall be brighter and brighter unto a perfect day,

And My wisdom shall make you wiser than all your enemies.

And the world shall wonder and the nations shall tremble,

At the glory of the Groom in His bride without blemish and many shall come to the brightness of your light.

But all this will be as you come out of the turbulence around you and withdraw alone with Me in the secret place within,

As you keep your heart away from the passing things below and set your affections on the eternal things above.

Come to the throne life in the year 2012 and abide herein,

Come and renew your commitment and vow to Me.

Come away with Me oh My dearly beloved bride and let Me show you the treasures of My Father,

Let Me rise upon you as the Sun of righteousness and we shall soar together with the healing in My wings.

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One response to “PROPHETIC WORD FOR THE YEAR 2012

  1. Kathy Davis

    January 30, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Praise God!! Hallelujah!! GBY Brother Sampson A,& All of God’s family! I am blessed & excited to be a part of what God’s doing!! Can we invite others & how? ThankU!!


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